Erich Roepke

Erich Roepke is an accomplished Adventure Filmmaker and Director of Photography with a passion for documentary films. Erich is at home in the mountains. He switched his career path from perusing becoming a mountain guide to adventure filmmaking, and hasn't looked back. He specializes in High Altitude Cinematography, from Mt. Everest, to Denali. Erich is a Part 107 FAA Certified Drone Pilot with over ten years of experience. Roepke's infectious enthusiasm is evident as he delightfully embraces extreme conditions, whether it's skiing the remote parts of the globe, or navigating challenging jungle. Erich prides himself on being a good teammate, and having a strong work ethic.

Adventure filmmaking and photography

Capturing story to transport audiences to the intensity of moments

Erich Roepke climbing Denali during the 2021 season - photograph by Ted Hesser.

Denali 2021 / Photo by Ted Hesser